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TrickyHank.Jpg TrickyHank.Jpg

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Cartoons have grey blocks/minimal details for their bodies but I love seeing the large amount of detail and additions in Krinkels' drawings

Tricky look tricky af

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Eraser Eraser

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Okay it's been like 7 months since this came out and it's probably such a random time and piece of artwork to have a comment on but whatever

This is nothing short of beautiful, in my opinion. Abyssal36 below me pretty much noted every physical aspect and critique that I also wanted to address; however, I can't find it within me to express it any better. Something about it just speaks to me, like someone who wants to tell a story but can't. I'm so totally intrigued at how many and what kind of stories that could lie behind this drawing, yet there were so few details and text actually given behind it.

It's like, it has just the right amount of emotion and expression to SEEM like it would say something, but without saying anything at all. That's what I love most about it; it sparks creativity and allows my mind to wander so freely, yet so constrained at the same time. I'm creating this review after a day of work and I probably sound so cheesy or crazy, but I dunno. I just really like it and somehow felt the need to tell you (that is, if you'll ever read it) just one random day.

What a strange, indescribable feeling I get just from looking at this.

Rhunyc responds:

Oh wow, thank you very much for the kind review. It's refreshing to have reviews like this! I'm glad it causes some sense of wonder and question, as with some pieces I try to do just that.

And I read all my comments/reviews. They give me the motivation to keep making more sometimes! I appreciate the review!

Totoro Totoro

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My Neighbor Totoro! I absolutely love Studio Ghibli movies - Totoro being no exception. I love how it retains the quality of your usual posts, yet the style and patterns are clearly Ghibli. An excellent combination and execution, if I do say so myself (as if I can say anything lol but whatever).

Off-topic, but I really recommend the rest of the Ghibli movies, especially the ones made by Miyazaki; they're so inspiring and beautifully done. Not saying you need to/should learn from them, but just out of entertainment purposes (Kiki's Delivery Service and Princess Mononoke are two absolutely BEAUTIFUL movies) lol

Rhunyc responds:

Ahhh thank you much for the kind words! You can say whatever you like, your opinion is just as important as mine. :D

And yeah! I just started going through Ghibli/Miyazaki films and they're fantastic. I've enjoyed every one I've seen so far!

Thrillher single artwork Thrillher single artwork

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Goodness, so awesome. Sounds like you're becoming more known! Which is still awesome.

Let the Madness Consume You Let the Madness Consume You

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Thanks for the usage, man. LOVE YOUR WORK.

Sanford - For Deimos Sanford - For Deimos

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goddammit. now i have to man up now that i know Deimos is dead....

Sanford wears boots?